Google Wifi Speed Test

For my Home Automation system, I have a ton of hubs. There’s my Smart things hub, Hue hub, Rainforest Eagle power monitor…the list goes on. Most of them require a wired Ethernet connection, but who wants to junk up your office floor or tv area with a bunch of hubs and cables.

I wanted to put my hubs in the garage, but running Ethernet out there would be a pain. Enter Google Wifi. As I showed in this video, I use Google Wifi to have a wired Ethernet connection in a remote location without having to run cable.

When I published the video, tons of readers wrote in asking how fast my Google Wifi wired connection really is. Is it fast enough to stream media and run a real PC, not just basic hubs? 

The answer is yes, it’s plenty fast. Check out this speed test. Spoiler alert–I get 80+ mbps down and almost 10 up.