Google Wifi Speed Test

For my Home Automation system, I have a ton of hubs. There’s my Smart things hub, Hue hub, Rainforest Eagle power monitor…the list goes on. Most of them require a wired Ethernet connection, but who wants to junk up your office floor or tv area with a bunch of hubs and cables.

I wanted to put my hubs in the garage, but running Ethernet out there would be a pain. Enter Google Wifi. As I showed in this video, I use Google Wifi to have a wired Ethernet connection in a remote location without having to run cable.

When I published the video, tons of readers wrote in asking how fast my Google Wifi wired connection really is. Is it fast enough to stream media and run a real PC, not just basic hubs? 

The answer is yes, it’s plenty fast. Check out this speed test. Spoiler alert–I get 80+ mbps down and almost 10 up. 

Video: Monitoring Electrical Usage with Bidgely

In a previous post, I shared info about monitoring your realtime electrical usage via a smart meter and hardware from the home automation startup Bidgely. Below is a video from my testing of Bidgely. This includes info on the Rainforest Eagle, as well as a demo of Bidgely’s web interface.

I’ve been using Bidgely for more than six months now, and despite some issues with data connectivity to my smart meter, it’s been a great service. As I mentioned in my post about the Arduino Tre, I even found a way to integrate with Bidgely to pull realtime usage data into my home automation system for use with other parts of the system. More on this project soon…

This is our first video, but more are on the way! You can subscribe to our Youtube channel here.