My Android Home Automation Tablet

Remember when Android tablets were a shiny new technology? I do, and I still have a tablet from that era; an ancient Samsung tab from at least five years ago. Android has stopped supporting it, the (integrated) battery no longer holds a charge, etc.

So E-Cycle time, right? Not so fast. Even an ancient tablet like this one can make a fantastic DIY home automation controller. It’s got a touchscreen, WIFI, Bluetooth, access to tons of home automation apps, audio, a camera, even some sensors (magneto, light sensor, etc.). That’s a lot of hardware to get in a sleek, integrated package for basically free.

I set up my old Samsung tablet in a stand, plugged it into the wall so it has power, and set the screen to always-on mode (it draws almost no power–did I mention that tablets are insanely efficient, too?). It’s in the corner of my living room, and is super easy to walk up to and interact with when I want to do something with my home automation system.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing examples of some of the functions I’ve added. Stay tuned!