How Much money Can You Make on the Medium Partner Program?

businessman working on project sitting at office desk
businessman working on project sitting at office desk
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Lots of people looking into publishing content on Medium for passive income wonder how much they can make through the Medium Partner Program.

The answer is potentially tens of thousands of dollars per month, if you’re one of the top writers on the platform. The best writer in September 2020 earned $49,705.40 on the platform, according to Medium.

That’s the equivalent of almost $600k per year, if they made the same amount each month. So the potential is definitely there for very high earnings.

That said, most people who write on the platform will not earn that much. Less than 10% of writers earn more than $100 per month—in September only 6.4% of writers earned $100 or more.

However most people who publish on Medium do earn something. 68.7% of writers on the platform earned something in September. Once you have at least a little earnings, there are plenty of things you can do to tweak your writing and earn more.

This article originally appeared as one of my answers on Quora.

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