Phillips Hue on my Android Home Automation Tablet

Yesterday I posted about my new (ish) Android home automation tablet. Basically, I took a five year old Samsung tablet, set its screen to “always on” mode, plugged it into the wall to bolster its completely dead battery, and installed it on a stand in my living room. It makes for an awesome, graphical home automation control screen which was basically free.

So what have I installed on the home automation tablet? Well for starters, Phillips Hue. A while back, I replaced many of the lights in my apartment with Phillips Hue bulbs. The bulbs can be controlled remotely through the Hue Android app, or you can control them via your home automation system through an API. They’re awesome, especially for apartment dwellers, who might have one switchable electrical socket but 3-5 different lamps in a single room.

The only annoyance with Hue, though, was the need to always pull out a phone to change light scenes. Phillips did eventually introduce a Hue wall switch, but I didn’t have one, so I was always hunting for my cellphone in order to switch the lights off at night or on in the morning.

My home automation tablet solves this problem brilliantly. I installed the Hue app on it, and added some light presets (“All off”, a warm incandescent like setting, etc.) to the home screen, and tada! Instant, very, very powerful lightswitch. Since the tablet is connected via Wifi to the same network as my Hue hub, the light changes are also extremely fast. Check it out in this video.

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