DIY Sonos With My Android Home Automation Tablet

This week, I’ve been posting a bunch about my new Android home automation tablet. So far, I showed the basic setup, and I showed how I use the tablet combined with the Phillips Hue Android app to control the lights in my living room.

But as I mentioned in my first post about the DIY Android home automation tablet, one of the advantages of repurposing an old tablet for a home automation controller is the plethora of useful hardware that even a super outdated tablet brings to the table. You’re got graphics, audio, Bluetooth, a camera, etc.

Audio, in particular, is a great feature to have. Lots of companies are getting into the market for Bluetooth or internet connected music streaming devices. Take a look at Sonos, for example; their popular speakers can be installed in your home, and can then access music from Pandora, Spotify, etc.

But Sonos systems are expensive. So how do you get streaming audio in your living room without paying a fortune? Well if you have a home automation tablet, it’s easy. I already have a stereo receiver with nice speakers in my living room, to play audio for my TV. And my HA tablet has a simple headphone output. All I had to do was buy an RCA -> headphone adapter, plug one end into the tablet, plug the other into the receiver, and my tablet could easily play music at really high fidelity through my home system.

And the best part? Because the tablet runs Android, I can use any music streaming service with an Android app. Which is to say, all of them. Spotify is now free for use on tablets, so I installed it. I now have access to basically the entire world’s music library (minus Taylor Swift), and can play it all through my home stereo system. It’s like a Sonos, but free.

Check out the video for more.

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