The Arduino Tre Beta, In 3D!

In a previous post, I shared some details on the new Arduino Tre, which is currently in Beta testing. I was lucky enough to be invited to be part of the Beta by the terrific Michael Shiloh at Arduino. As part of the Beta, I got a Developer edition of the board to play with.

The Tre is extremely promising as a platform for home automation projects. It has both high-level, graphical Linux capabilities and low-level Leonardo-like Arduino capabilities all on the same board. You can run some Arduino code to pull data from a sensor or the like, and then some Python code to send the data to your home automation system’s database, email yourself if certain conditions are met, etc.

You still can’t buy the Tre just yet, but to give you an early sense of what the board is like, I’ve created a 3D model of my Developer Arduino Tre using 123d Catch from Autodesk, which you can play with below. It’s not perfect (there aren’t really gaping holes in the side of the USB connectors, for example), but you can use my model to pan around the board, zoom in and out, and otherwise check out the Tre to your heart’s content.

To get the full experience, click on the “3D View” button in the model below. Wait for it to load (slowly), and then use your mouse and scroll wheel to explore.

Points of interest include the on-board Leonardo, which Arduino have gone as far as to actually silk screen onto the board itself. You can also see that there’s two sets of two USB ports on opposite sides of the board, as well as HDMI and audio jacks. If you look really closely, you can even see the little TI logo on the Sitara processor.

If you’re too lazy to play with the model yourself, here is a little video showing a full pan around the model, and some fancy zooming.

I’ll share more details on the Arduino Tre here, especially as it gets closer to launch, so stay tuned!

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