Tutorial: Using Python + Bidgely to Get Realtime Electric Usage Into Your Home Automation System

In a recent post, I wrote about using Bidgely to track your realtime electrical usage, using a little gadget that reads minute-by-minute data from your utility’s smart meter. I even made a video showing how to install the Bidgely Rainforest Eagle device and use Bidgely’s (very pretty) web dashboard.

Using the native Bidgely hardware and dashboard is all well and good, but this website is do it yourself home automation. Most of us are creating our own home automation systems with Raspberry Pi, crazy sensors, control hardware, etc. We generally aren’t satisfied using someone else’s interface and systems, no matter how slick they are. We want to get at the data.

In a new post, I share Python code which allows you to get your electrical usage data from Bidgely and feed it into your home automation system in near-realtime. Check out my tutorial here.

You can also check out my code walkthrough about the Python + Bidgely integration here:

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