Home Security With the Raspberry Pi

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how home security intersects with home automation. In both home security systems and home automation systems, you’ve got a lot of the same things: sensors, servers, monitoring, alerts, etc. So why not merge the two together (and in a DIY way, of course)?

Over at PrivateEyePi, they’re doing just that. The project uses the Raspberry Pi as a simple platform for creating your own DIY home security system. You connect contact sensors, motion detectors, etc. to the Pi, and you get alerts when the sensors are triggered. You can even access the system online, and add in temperature and humidity sensing using a DHT22 sensor.

My favorite part of the system? A Raspberry Pi connected siren! PrivateEyePi’s mysterious creator (who never goes by name on the page) warns that you should test this feature with a buzzer before upgrading to a full home security system siren, but I still love the ability to trigger any kind of siren from the command line. Imagine the possibilities if you rigged up the Pi to trigger this thing whenever it would normally send a system bell character!

Image from PrivateEyePi

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