Win a Smart Home. No, Like a Real One

Some companies give away “smart home” kits. Maybe you get some X10 products, a couple Insteon switches, a Sonos, and such. Saint Judes, on the other hand, is giving away the whole home.

Ok, so the home is located in Mississippi. And it’s not actually built yet. But according to this segment on a local TV channel, anyone who donates $100 to help Saint Judes take care of sick children will be entered into a drawing to win it.

One of the selling points of the segment is that the house is “smart.” The segment doesn’t say what kind of system they’re using, but apparently if you win the home will be able to “turn down your AC” from your cellphone or “look at a camera to see if your kids are home from school.”

So why not buy a ticket? You’ll be helping a good cause, and if you win it, you can sell it maybe afford to buy enough Nest Protects to outfit your actual home.

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