Fox News Discovers Home Automation

You know something has gone mainstream when even Fox News is covering it. If this recent segment is an indicator, home automation is there.

Granted, Fox is not exactly on the bleeding edge of the technology. The product they highlight–a Honeywell system–is kind of the IBM of the home automation world; old, corporate, reliable. And the air of breathless excitement lavished over somewhat pointless functionality (“You can open your blinds using your iPhone!”) smacks of the early 2000s. But still, they’re taking notice! They’re taking it seriously!

Ultimately, I think this is a mixed bag. I still have fond recollections of the days when home automation required hacked-together code and a significant risk of electrocution. But having regular people (and their money) in the area is probably good for all involved. We wouldn’t get a Nest or a Revolv without a market big enough to support home automation innovation.

So congrats Fox News! Welcome to the club! And if you want to see something really far out, there’s this thing called a Raspberry Pi I could show you…

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