Shoeboxed: Automatically Digitize All Your Paper Stuff

I just published a new page all about Shoeboxed, an awesome service where you drop receipts, business cards, random papers, etc. in a Netflix-style envelope, and get categorized, organized, date-stamped, searchable digital copies of everything uploaded to your Evernote account in a couple days. I’ve been using Shoeboxed for over a year now, and it’s the perfect tool to indulge/enable my love of digitizing life’s ephemera. Plus it shares our color scheme!

It’s not quite home automation in the traditional sense, so I’m calling this “life automation.” Though it certainly will help you automate your home by automatically removing the piles of receipts, business cards and other pocket detritus you’d otherwise leave around in little zen-killing piles.

You can read the full page here, or check Shoeboxed out directly if 800 words of my elegantly crafted prose is too much for you.

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