Revolv To Launch New Unified Hub Which Supports Nearly All HA Standards

On November 28th, home automation company Revolv will launch a new hub which works with several of the dominant home automation standards on the market. It’ll support Insteon, Wifi and Z Wave at first, with Zigbee and several others coming soon.

In a graphic on their website, Revolv shows what your new integrated smart home could look like if you used their product, bought all your furniture at Ikea, and had a strange penchant for demonic red mood lighting.

The bottom line? If you want to mix and match hardware from multiple companies, Revolv will make that easy. You won’t have to buy a separate hub for each standard you want to use. You can buy an Insteon switch, a Yale lock, a Nest thermostat and a Hue bulb, and use them all through a single Revolv hub. If the Revolv hub works, it’ll be a big deal. Rather than getting locked into hardware from one particular standard, you’ll be able to choose the best hardware regardless of how it communicates and who makes it.

Revolv’s solution, priced at $299, adds some other nice bells and whistles too. It’s controllable via an Android app, for instance, which looks pretty slick. It also has support for basic geo-fencing, so that you can have your newly unified system do you bidding when you’re within a certain distance of home. One can only assume that Revolv will add other features in the future which take advantage of different hardware working together. And an API is forthcoming, so developers can add in new functionality too.

The hub itself, which looks distressingly like a CD spindle, won’t win any awards for industrial design. But if the new system works, Revolv could be a serious contender in the home automation market.

You can preorder the Revolv hub now at Hopefully we can get our hands on one and do a review.

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