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Home Security Camera With Raspberry Pi and a Webcam

Lately, I’ve been thinking about ways to beef up my home security using Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi is a pretty capable, dirt cheap little board, and it can connect to all kinds of sensors and systems. I’ve been working on adding a Raspberry Pi camera module, but for those who don’t want to shell out another $30, there’s an even simpler solution. The Raspberry Pi has full USB support, and runs a fully featured...
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Building a Wifi-Enabled Dog Treat Dispenser

Last week, my wife and I were Skyping with our 14 year old Bichon Frise, Max. Max lives with my wife’s family in Maryland, while we live in the San Francisco area with our younger dog, Jack. Through the miracle of video chat, we can stay in touch with Max virtually, and watch him do exciting dog things–usually sitting on the couch, or standing on a chair. We love being able to see Max through...
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