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Track Your Driving With Metromile

Ever wondered how far you drive in a given month? Want to track everywhere your car goes, NSA style? About six months ago, I was invited to beta test a new product from a company called Metromile. Californians may be familiar with Metromile’s ads, which seem to be everywhere, including on the very pricey billboards flanking the Bay Bridge. The company’s main goal is to sell you per-mile car insurance. The idea is that if...
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To kick off 2014, security and automation company announced a new package, which they’re dubbing “Wellness”, that will allow users to remotely monitor their aging parents from the convenience of their Android device or web browser. While details about the tech are scarce, a press release yesterday says that Wellness will include a “new bed presence monitor, panic buttons and sensors that monitor activity.” It will also integrate with’s existing home automation...
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Shoeboxed: Automatically Digitize All Your Paper Stuff

I just published a new page all about Shoeboxed, an awesome service where you drop receipts, business cards, random papers, etc. in a Netflix-style envelope, and get categorized, organized, date-stamped, searchable digital copies of everything uploaded to your Evernote account in a couple days. I’ve been using Shoeboxed for over a year now, and it’s the perfect tool to indulge/enable my love of digitizing life’s ephemera. Plus it shares our color scheme! It’s not quite...
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