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Google Acquires Nest for $3.2B, Now Knows More About You Than the NSA

Yesterday, home automation company Nest–makers of the infamous $250 learning thermostat and a suspiciously intelligent smoke detector–announced that they had been acquired by Google for $3.2 billion in cash. In a statement about the acquisition, Nest said that while they had been doing great on their own, Google’s “business resources, global scale, and platform reach” were basically just too tempting to turn down. The statement is also peppered with reassurances that this wholly unexpected announcement...
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Win a Smart Home. No, Like a Real One

Some companies give away “smart home” kits. Maybe you get some X10 products, a couple Insteon switches, a Sonos, and such. Saint Judes, on the other hand, is giving away the whole home. Ok, so the home is¬†located in Mississippi. And it’s not actually built yet. But according to this segment on a local TV channel, anyone who donates $100 to help Saint Judes take care of sick children will be entered into a drawing...
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