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Hack Your Sprinkler System With a Raspberry Pi

As I’ve mentioned before, I love the Raspberry Pi as a platform for home automation projects. For those who don’t know about Raspberry Pi, it’s a neat little Linux computer, complete with an HDMI output, which runs on a single board and costs around $40. Since it has low-level analog and digital outputs, you can hook it up to all kinds of things. I’m starting to think the Raspberry Pi could be the ideal platform...
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5 Great Home Automation Gifts You Can Get By Christmas

Trying to find the best last minute gifts for the DIY home automation enthusiast in your family? Here are five great ones which you order on and still get by Christmas. 1. Nest Thermostat Sure, PC Magazine recently complained about how the Nest can put you at risk of freezing to death (well, not really) if you live in Montana and they send an ill-timed software update. But c’mon…Nest is undeniably the favorite child...
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A 404 Page For Your Thermostat

We’ve all had the irritating experience of surfing to a web page, and discovering it was no longer there. Or the server was down. Or our Wifi has crapped out. And those of us with smartphones have, likewise, experienced the joy of having our carrier push out a new software release which breaks some essential app until its developers can scramble to find a fix. With a computer, it’s annoying. But what would happen if...
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Building a Wifi-Enabled Dog Treat Dispenser

Last week, my wife and I were Skyping with our 14 year old Bichon Frise, Max. Max lives with my wife’s family in Maryland, while we live in the San Francisco area with our younger dog, Jack. Through the miracle of video chat, we can stay in touch with Max virtually, and watch him do exciting dog things–usually sitting on the couch, or standing on a chair. We love being able to see Max through...
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Revolv To Launch New Unified Hub Which Supports Nearly All HA Standards

On November 28th, home automation company Revolv will launch a new hub which works with several of the dominant home automation standards on the market. It’ll support Insteon, Wifi and Z Wave at first, with Zigbee and several others coming soon. In a graphic on their website, Revolv shows what your new integrated smart home could look like if you used their product, bought all your furniture at Ikea, and had a strange penchant for...
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