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2015-03-19 11.24.38In my last post, I talked about using the Raspberry Pi as a DIY remote webcam, in the style of Dropcam. After I published the post, I got an interesting email from someone who is embarking on a large project around using the Raspberry Pi as a webcam platform.

It sounds like he wants to create his own Raspberry Pi distro which would automatically launch and stream webcam video. He also wants to do servo remote control for pan/tilt enabled cams, and other neat stuff like that.

If you’re interested in the same kinds of things, why not check out his Source Forge and see if you can help him out? A lightly edited version of the email is below:

Dear Thomas, PrivateEyePi,

At ,
I read that you are currently swapped to use the raspberry pi now as
your home automation server, and the use of a webcam herein is
something you’re also probably looking into (see

I was wondering whether perhaps you (and/or privateeyepi) are
interested in helping me with a script (available at )
which currently attempts to set up the raspberry pi as a fileserver
and as a videofeed server, automatically (without user input) -the
videofeed server is accessible via internet, whereas the file server
is intented only for the LAN-. I don’t know whether it works all
ready, mainly because I don’t have a raspberry pi, and also lack the
programming knowledge to get it 100% done.

Unlike privateeyepi’s writings, the videofeed server uses mjpg
streamer, not motion, so might all ready provide better footage.It might
even allow remote control of the videocamera (hopefully even from a
different computer, perhaps even from the internet, rather than
directly from the raspberry pi). The servo motors used would need to
be of a specific brand (so not brand-nonspecific) but that would be a
minor issue.

I was thinking if you guys prefer, I could also split up the scripts
again (to seperate the webcam and file server functionaility), and we
could perhaps introduce other features, to increase the home
automation tasks it can handle. It could ie be expanded with an
automatic setup script for electricity use tracking (see ), and perhaps the
automatic setup of a webserver. (ie by installing XAMPP – or lighttpd -see – That way, all houses equipped
with the system automatically also get a blog or website to post
things on.

Thomas [ed: Yes, we are both named Thomas]


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